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Happy Birthday Jesus

New Jersey is home to a movie theater which regularly displays birthday greetings to inhabitants of the community on their billboard. Last week this theater posted another birthday greeting – to Jesus. Amidst midst the activities of this season; the shopping, baking, wrapping, shipping, pageant rehearsals and travel, sometimes the simplicity of the holiday can be lost. Christmas is about remembering a birthday, celebrating a birthday.

Recently I was hanging with a group of my military wife ‘girlfriends.’ The conversation, predictably, turned to the holidays. We talked about plans, shopping, traveling, baking and menus. One woman mentioned a small coffee table book she picked up entitled, “The Purpose of Christmas” by Rick Warren. Patti shared how this little book was adding a new dimension to her celebration this year; celebrating a birthday.

Oh, I know, we do not know the actual date of His birth. In fact, Jesus was most likely born in March (when shepherds would have been in the fields) not December. While this may be a bone of contention for some, military families are aware of a secret:    read more


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