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Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

Employment has long been a challenge for military spouses. Building a career can feel like a pipe dream. The mobile nature of military service, while great for the career of our service member does not always ‘enhance’ our own resume. Add a downturn in the economy to that equation and mobile military spouses can find themselves unemployed or underemployed.

Ah, but the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well among military spouses. More and more spouses are looking for a mobile career and turning to home-based businesses and self-employment. Andrea turned her love of sewing into Ballie’s Bag and Baubles ( Betty loves making jewelry and launched Gambizzle Jewels ( Joanna was looking for a way to acknowledge spouses beyond a bouquet of flowers and launched Atta Girl Gifts ( Stephanie loves travel and turned that into Cabrera Cruise and Travel ( Other spouses are launching businesses with Scentsy, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and much more.
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