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Keeper of the Checkbook

“He has no idea where we are financially,” observed National Guard wife Stephanie. “I’m not asking him to take over the finances just be a part of the discussion.” Let’s face it, with the aggressive deployment schedule of Active Duty, Guard and Reserve components the military spouse becomes the ‘keeper of the checkbook.’ I took over the responsibility of the family finances during my husband’s first deployment. The original plan was Scott would take it over upon his return.  Read more here. … Read entire article »

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Need a “LifT?”

This year we will mark the tenth year of 9/11 and that means ten years as a nation at war. While President Bush prepared us for an elongated conflict I think few of us believed it would extend beyond that of the first Gulf War. Yet here we are. Though we are a nation at war I am sometimes surprised by the gulf between the military and civilian communities. I recently spoke at a university forum on military and military families. At the opening of my remarks I asked how many in the audience and on the panel had a relative serving in the military. Not one hand was raised. I asked if their parents or grandparents served. Several hands raised signifying grandparents served in the military, but surprisingly none had … Read entire article »

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Opinions Wanted – Yours…

Have you ever had an idea for family programs? Let me rephrase that. I’ll bet you, like me, have encountered issues, challenges or situations where you thought about ideas or solutions to improve life for military families. Have you looked for opportunities to share ideas, your experiences or at the least to express your perspective on the challenges of military Spousedom? Periodically the Department of Defense, individual branches or other interested parties solicit the input and experience of military spouses and families. And that is why I am veering from my planned column to bring you two opportunities to advocate for yourself and other military families by sharing your voice and experience. Read more here. … Read entire article »

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Happy Birthday Jesus

New Jersey is home to a movie theater which regularly displays birthday greetings to inhabitants of the community on their billboard. Last week this theater posted another birthday greeting – to Jesus. Amidst midst the activities of this season; the shopping, baking, wrapping, shipping, pageant rehearsals and travel, sometimes the simplicity of the holiday can be lost. Christmas is about remembering a birthday, celebrating a birthday. Recently I was hanging with a group of my military wife ‘girlfriends.’ The conversation, predictably, turned to the holidays. We talked about plans, shopping, traveling, baking and menus. One woman mentioned a small coffee table book she picked up entitled, “The Purpose of Christmas” by Rick Warren. Patti shared how this little book was adding a new dimension to her celebration this year; celebrating a … Read entire article »

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