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Keeper of the Checkbook

“He has no idea where we are financially,” observed National Guard wife Stephanie. “I’m not asking him to take over the finances just be a part of the discussion.” Let’s face it, with the aggressive deployment schedule of Active Duty, Guard and Reserve components the military spouse becomes the ‘keeper of the checkbook.’ I took over the responsibility of the family finances during my husband’s first deployment. The original plan was Scott would take it over upon his return.  Read more here. … Read entire article »

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The Art of Marriage

Valentine’s Day – Have you been dropping hints to your service member for desired flowers, chocolate or jewelry? As we approach this holiday celebrating love and relationships I have been pondering marriage; military marriage. Perhaps you, like me, know many, many military that are divorced or on marriage number two or three. While I am not given to fantasy, I admit I thought the hard part of marriage was finding the right guy to be at the end of that aisle. Once we said our vows I was sure we’d ride off into wedded bliss, living happily ever after. Um, not exactly reality, eh? No one wins in a divorce. No one. Not either spouse, not the children. There are no winners. Yet divorce seems to be part of the military culture. So, … Read entire article »

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